Conductive Films

ASP 7600 is made from modified polyethylene resins specially developed to possess low surface and volume resistivities and yet retaining the desirable properties of low density polyethylene.

  • ASP 7600 is volume conductive and is independent of relative humidity.
  • ASP 7600 provides excellent grounding properties and can also be used to screen out unwanted electromagnetic frequencies.
  • ASP 7600 provides shielding from external electrostatic fields by safely enveloping static-sensitive devices in a protective “Faraday Cage”.
  • ASP 7600 is tough and durable and remains conductive throughout the life span of the material even after extensive handling and usage.

ASP 7600 should be used for packing and product handling applications where freedom from electrostatic discharge is necessary such as in :-

  • Static-Free Grounded Electronics Work Stations. Static Shielding Packaging for PC Boards and Components.
  • Grounding Systems for Safe Handling of Explosive Powders and Liquids.
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